Ventures in Creativity

Think of us as a career incubator. We partner with artists to help them get to the next level.

Our Artists

These are artists that excite us and push us to bring out their best. For more info on any of these artists, use our contact page.

Can you excite us?

We Grow Artists


We provide complete management so you can focus on creating.


We can help you build an identity that your fans will connect with and that will attract attention from the next level.

Album Creation and Distribution

As part of our services to you we will help you get an album recorded and we will distribute the album as well


Once you're ready, we'll take you on our roadshow and get you the exposure you're looking for.


Once you album is ready, we can help, through our affiliate publisher, to get you the royalties you earn.

We know how to let go.

We'll work to get you to the next level and when we do, we'll make sure you take your work with you.